Secured programming is critical when developing server side systems today. Hacking and exploiting data is the “New Age Terror” and can lead to horrible results starting with stealing some-ones private data up to taking a whole system down ( Banking service?  Military? ).

Security must be provides in all layers of hardware and software since a single hole is enough to sink the whole ship…. Therefore, secured code means securing everything we develop, administrate and configure.

This seminar explores the need, types of attacks and assumptions we must follow to keep our code secured


  • Managers, architects and project managers that want to secure their systems and have a better understanding of the threats of today.


  • Introduction
  • Common Web Apps Treats
  • Developing secured code – principles
  • Web server & client hardening
  • Handling controlled data
  • HTML related security issues
  • Input and output validation
  • Error & exception handling
  • Secured logging
  • Securing DB and SQL
  • Handling information disclosure
  • Cryptography
  • Security design patterns
  • Authentication mechanisms


Main Speaker

Yaniv Simsolo
Yaniv SimsoloPalantirSecurity