CI (Continuous Integration) is one of the cornerstones in DevOps projects. Jenkins is one of the popular solutions for CI. Builds and Deployments can be configured by various means, including being triggered by commit in a version control system, by scheduling, by building when other builds have completed, and by requesting a specific build URL. Docker, which plays a major role for automating development process in distributed environments, provides a plugin for Jenkins support – so Jenkins can be embedded into Docker ecosystem. This seminar introduces CI and its relevance today for general and DevOps project


  • Introduction to DevOps
    • The problem
    • What is DevOps
    • DevOps practices
    • DevOps tools
  • Introduction to Continuous integration (CI)
    • What is CI ?
    • CI practices
    • CI Tools
  • Jenkins CI server
    • installing Jenkins
    • Defining build plans
    • Jenkins plugins
    • Integrating with Source control management tools (SCM)
  • Additional CI tools
    • SonarQube
  • Docker basics
    • What is Docker
    • Docker basics
  • What is CM
  • CM tools
  • Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Salt


Main Speaker

Ziv Kashtan
Ziv KashtanAutomat- IT