The NoSQL & Polyglot Persistence seminar will walk you through the evolution of data architecture, starting from relational databases as a single solution for database storage, through new data technologies and the polyglot persistence approach, to new concepts like NewSQL, YesSQL. You will learn to understand your database needs better and make the correct choices for your organization then it comes to database evaluations.

Target Audience: Solution Architects, DevOps, IT managers interested in new database technologies.

Main topics:

  • Relational Database Management Systems - architecture and concepts
  • Beyond the buzzword: What is Big Data?
  • NoSQL Database Management Systems: Architecture and concepts
  • NoSQL characteristics and types:
    • Document
    • Key – Value
    • Graph
  • Data modeling with NoSQL
  • Not Only SQL: Polyglot Persistence
  • Enterprise needs:
    • Stability and Availability
    • Atomicity & transactions
    • Security
  • New & hybrid concepts:
    • NewSQL
    • YesSQL


Main Speaker

Arthur Gimpel
Arthur Gimpel matrix