Many years ago – the network was intended only for super computers.

Later on – PCs and smart phones connected us to the network at all times.
The next stage: when all  the devices we have in our home, car, offices, factories  and cities – are connected.

Clocks, lamps, doors, locks, TVs, refrigerators, cameras, air conditioners, valves, sensors, audio & video systems, roller shutters, heaters, speakers, cabinets, electric boilers, are all connected.
Starting from simple sensors and up to complex machines, from huge buildings and large complexes, and into your own smart home, the reality of today or the next week – all devices are connected to the network – to each other, at the tip of our fingers.
The IOT market, both the in global arena and in Israel, is just about to take a is huge leap forward.
The seminar will review the state of the art  technology and solutions in the world and in Israel, including global trends and status of what’s happening in Israel.

The second half of the day will be focused about the consumer segment of IOT with technologies, demonstrations and solutions.

Introduction of IoT for infrastructure managers 

  • What is IoT?
  • IoT Verticals
  • IoT business modules - Ways to elevate your business with IoT readiness
  • How should businesses prepare themselves for the IoT destructive technology?
  • IoT components
  •  IoT and Cyber security

IoT configuration, development, hands on & Client side

  • IoT & Smart home
  • IoT Demos
  • Relevance of HTTP based integration and RESTRelevance of HTTP based integration and REST


Main Speaker

Ilan Alter
Ilan AlterAlterNet
Uri Nissani
Uri NissaniDomicom