It’s clear by now that Powershell is the present and future of Microsoft’s automation & management offering – replacing GUI and cmd.exe, anyone who wants to keep his/her job has to master it: from IT to DevOps, Cloud to classic IT environments. The benefit is clearly evident.

But do you *REALLY* know Powershell?

Do you think you understand the true potential of what this strategic technology can give you?

If you “think” you are doing good in Powershell, think again – and come join this ‘hands-on’ day, full of demonstarations advanced session, taking Powershell to the next level. We’ll deliver a lot of tips & best practices ‘written in blood’ from ~10 years field experience using Powershell in real-world environments.

Bring your laptop!

Main topics:

  • Deep Understanding of Windows PowerShell architecture & considerations
  • General tips & best practices working with Powershell in the real-world.
  • Review alternatives, and their Pros and Cons – Performance tips
  • Working with the .NET framework extensively, using COM objects etc
  • Taking background jobs to the next level
  • Controlling PowerShell session variables for high demanding tasks


Main Speaker

Yossi Sassi
Yossi Sassi Johnbryce