This seminar introduces the need for DevOps in today’s Software projects. The seminar details the nature of modern project management and the different phases relevant in today’s hosting environments like cloud. The seminar lists the project components that should be automated in order to achieve more agility and introduces the tools for doing it.
The Seminar will be interactive session with a lot of notes from the field and live demos
Managers, software engineers, project managers and team leaders should be attended to this seminar if they are planning on moving to DevOps.


  • The nature of today’s agile projects
  • The need for more agility
  • Describing the different parts of project management process
    • Planning
    • Coding
    • Building
    • Testing
    • Release management
    • Deployment
    • Integration
    • Operate
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Continuous integration
  • Agile Development


Main Speaker

Ziv Kashtan
Ziv KashtanAutomat- IT