This course is intended for students who seek practical (“Hands on”) knowledge in both private and public clouds based on OpenStack.
In this course you will get to experience various configuration and deployments, including troubleshooting and debugging sessions.
During the course, we will start from the basics defining the surroundings and layout of OpenStack, and then go deep into the architecture and implementation.

  • Introduction to cloud computing
    • Today cloud ecosystem
    • Public \ private clouds
    • Virtualized data centers
    • Virtualization 101 (storage, network, compute)
  • Introduction to OpenStack IaaS
    • What is OpenStack ?
    • About the project
    • Open source and community
    • Master the terminology
    • Review current components and services
    • OpenStack architecture
  • Dive into OpenStack
    • Describe the architecture of an OpenStack Cloud Environment
    • Define the key features of OpenStack
    • Identify suitable use-cases for OpenStack
    • Implement and use Image, Identity, and Dashboard services
    • Create and manage images and instances
    • Create and manage roles, users, and quotas
    • Find additional OpenStack help and support resources
    • Use the CLI and Dashboard


Main Speaker

Kobi Shamama
Kobi ShamamaDellEMC