Businesses have access to more data than ever before. According to IDC, unstructured data accounts for more than 90 percent of the data in today’s organizations. The sheer volume and complexity of data is overwhelming traditional database software and is demanding a new approach to data analysis that can deal with Big Data. Big Data can improve efficiency, reduce cost and increase the benefit of the bottom line – but it requires special technologies to efficiently process large quantities of data within tolerable elapsed times.

Most Big Data projects use variations of reference architecture. Understanding the high level view of Big Data architecture provides a good background for understanding Big Data and how it complements existing analytics, BI, databases and systems.

In this seminar we’ll explore the Big Data ecosystem architecture and examine when big data techniques are needed and when to stick with conventional ones. We’ll discuss the different phases of data processing, various NoSQL Solutions, and the ways to analyze and visualize this data.

This seminar is for IT architects and technical managers who wish to understand how to leverage Big Data in their organizations.


Participants should have background in enterprise information systems design. No prior knowledge in Big Data is required.


What is BigData?

  • Why is everyone talking about BigData?
  •  What size of data is considered BigData?
  • Is there value in BigData?
  • Can I leverage BigData technologies to solve other problems?

BigData challenges

  • Volume, Velocity, Verity
  • Scale-out vs. Scale-up
  • Use cases

Hadoop architecture and ecosystem

  • Overview  -  Hadoop Distributed File system , map-reduce concepts
  • Hbase & Hive – Data Warehouse infrastructure  for data summarization, query, and analysis.
  • Spark – fast engine for large-scale data processing & Machine learning environment.
  • No-SQL Databases & Data models

Analysis and Visualization

  • Visualization tools
  • Data Mining Tools and Methods

BigData in the cloud

  • Tools, Challenges  and Issues


Main Speaker

Itai Gordon
Itai Gordon Keren Tech LTD