We often hear news about emerging cyber security threats and attacks impacting every industry. With advanced malwares, zero day exploits and persistent threats, cyber-attacks are now becoming very sophisticated in nature.

Targeted attacks are seen from highly motivated attackers, well organized and resourced groups and even from state sponsored actors. Among these, the biggest security challenge that global security leaders are facing is Advanced Persistent Threats (APT).

This session is a live demonstration of a variety of techniques and tools for APT attacks.


  • Agenda etc.
  • The cyber kill chain
    • Anatomy of APT attacks
  • Information Gathering
    • OSINT Techniques
    • Active scanning
    • Scanning with Nmap
    • Vulnerabilities  scanning
  • Exploitation
    • Bind shell Vs Reverse shell
    • Shell types
    • Introduction to buffer overflow
    • Web application hacking
    • SMB relay attacks
  • Post Exploitation
    • Privilege Escalation – Windows
    • Privilege Escalation – Linux
    • Passwords harvesting
    • Lateral movement
    • Golden Ticket Attack’s


Main Speaker

Lior Kagan
Lior Kagan