IT&CyberGeekWeek is the ultimate conference dedicated to IT, Cyber & Networking experts and professionals. The conference relates to infrastructural aspects which are mostly relevant for today’s Hi-Tech industry, for example, combining automated phases as part of the development process – and creating fully or semi-automated product development cycles (DevOps), defining and establishing elastic infrastructures  (private/public clouds), prototyping and administrating complex networks, deal with storage challenges in the Big-Data era and many more…

The conference provides 4 days of theoretical and practical seminars which gives participants effective tools and deep understanding of the technologies in their working environments and organization. The conference also reveals the most trendy, up-to-date tools, solution and infrastructural environments today.

The IT&CyberGeekWeek 2017 conference takes place at John Bryce Training, Tel Aviv (26-29 March, 2017).

General Information:

  • Seminar duration is 8 hours long (full training day)
  • The seminars run from 09:00 to 16:30
  • Participants will receive the full courseware and training materials
  • The conference is a paid event
  • The price includes breakfast, refreshments and lunch
  • Speakers and sessions are subject to change (if it’s unavoidable)